The Residents Association Mount Pleasant (RAMP) is a non-profit coalition of volunteers who recognize the unique character of the community and strive to maintain this special neighbourhood. Recent rezoning applications threaten to significantly alter the complexion of Mount Pleasant, with large departures in height and density from currently permitted zoning. RAMP seeks to educate members of the public on the true impacts of proposed spot rezoning, and to work on maintaining a livable, affordable and human scale community.

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Additional Details

The Residents Association of Mount Pleasant (RAMP) is a non-profit organization that requests new development proposals follow the development regulations set out in the Mount Pleasant Community Plan (PDF 3.3MB) and Vancouver City Guidelines.

Information on our first development watch case which we feel directly counters these Plans and Guidelines, “2010-2011 rezoning of Kingsway and Broadway”.

We will have links to the development proposal as well as the City of Vancouver’s website where you can view community feedback. We will be providing all the information you need to make up your own mind but will also be driving the key messages we feel are in tune with our community.

If you are part of the community, and you don’t feel like you are well represented, we encourage you to come to our meetings an have your say!

Please, check back here weekly, we will constantly be updating. If you are new, we encourage you to read posts on our issues from oldest to newest. Key information on what we’ve discussed in meetings will also be available for review.

Visit our previous website for additional content www.rampvancouver.com


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