Urgent petition: ask Mayor/Council to postpone RT5/RT6 zoning amendments, get more community input (Public Hearing Sept 19-21)

Please read below and consider signing this petition: https://www.change.org/p/mayor-gregor-robertson-and-council-postpone-approval-of-vancouver-rt5-rt6-zoning-amendments-to-allow-community-input

The September 19-21, 2017 (Tuesday & Thursday) Public Hearing (the first one back after the summer hiatus), has nineteen (19!) items on the agenda. Among the items is this one:

Increasing Housing Choice and Character Retention Incentives – in the Mount Pleasant and Grandview-Woodland Communities
To amend the Zoning and Development By-law to increase opportunities for housing choice and provide additional incentives for the retention of character houses. If approved, the proposed changes would amend the RT-5, RT-5A, RT-5N and RT-5AN Districts Schedule; rezone certain areas from RT-4, RT-4N, RT-5A, RT-5AN, RS-I, RS-4 and RS-7, all to RT-5/5N; and amend the RT-6 District Schedule

The potential implications and pitfalls of these zoning changes could be huge, yet even the local neighbourhood association that follows these things very closely is saying that neither they nor the community at large have had adequate opportunity to review the proposed changes and comment on them. As we know, by the time something goes to a Public Hearing, the chances of significant changes are minuscule.

And so, citing the lack of public consultation on this, the Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC) has launched a petition today asking Mayor and Council for more time.

Postpone approval of Vancouver RT5 RT6 zoning amendments to allow community input

Direct link here

The City of Vancouver has proposed changes to the RT5 and RT6 zones under a report to council dated July 25, 2017, that is referred to public hearing for approval. These changes have had little community input, only a few open houses, and most people in the community have not been adequately informed or involved by the city. Read the report published July 13, 2017 here.

A more extensive consultation process is being requested through a community advisory committee and that specific issues be addressed before this report is approved. Read letter to Mayor & Council.

Petition request:
We, the undersigned, believe the RT5 and RT6 proposed zoning amendments are not ready for approval by City Council and request more time to make changes to address the many outstanding issues as identified by the Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC).

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The area-wide zoning changes will impact a significant portion of Mount Pleasant and Grandview-Woodland. While the City claims that the changes would incentivize the retention of character homes, it may actually do the opposite and accelerate the demolition of pre-1940s homes.


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