Public Hearing Feb 17th on 275 Kingsway. Community Meeting February 11 (Wednesday)

Vancouver City Council will be reviewing the 202 unit tower proposal at 275 Kingsway on Tuesday, February 17th after 6pm. The full meeting agenda is now online (click here). Speakers who wish to address City Council can sign up to speak by sending an email to (please indicate the item 275 Kingsway, further details below).

Please come join us at an information meeting for all Mount Pleasant residents and other stakeholders concerning the upcoming Public Hearing for a high density tower proposal at 11th Avenue and Kingsway:

Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Time: 7:00 to 8:45 PM
Venue: Mount Pleasant Community Centre (Art Room, entrance from East 8th Avenue)
RAMP Community Meeting (Poster)

The City of Vancouver recently referred a proposal for a very high density, 14-storey tower at 275 Kingsway to a Public Hearing on Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 starting at 6pm. Further details about the hearing can be found on the City’s website here (alternate address: 333 East 11th Avenue).

The site for this proposed building was not contemplated under the the Mount Pleasant Community Plan. The proposed building height of 14-storeys (139 feet or 42.4m) is taller than other buildings in the area (the UNO, Stella, Sophia and Uptown).

The density proposed is substantially higher than buildings in the area. The staff report shows that a floor space ratio of 3.0 is the maximum allowed on the site, while 8.66 FSR is being requested. To put this into perspective, 49,110 sq ft of floor would be the maximum allowed under Central Broadway zoning, this compares to 147,330 sq ft proposed (or 4,562 m2 vs. 13,163 m2, or 280% of what is permitted). Other existing buildings in the area have a floor space of around 3.0 FSR (the UNO, Stella, Sophia, Uptown).

elevationThe City of Vancouver would normally collect required Development Cost Levies (DCLs) of $1,822,160 for 147,330 square feet of space. Instead, the staff report recommends that only $77,027 of DCLs be collected, and that the City forgo $1,745,133 that would help fund basic infrastructure. In addition, no Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) are being offered as part of this project. The CACs could be put into daycare, greenspaces, an outdoor pool, or other amenities to benefit the community. The CACs would be completely waived.

A total of 202 for profit market rental units are being proposed. The maximum rents that would be possible are shown in the staff report as $1,242 (studio), $1,561 (1 bedroom) and $1,972 (2 bedroom). Suggested initial rents are proposed as $1,050 (studio), $1,200 (1 bedroom) and $1,725 (2 bedroom). An influx of expensive rentals in the community can affect the rates for existing nearby rentals, as a provision under the RTA can allow other landlords in the area to request a rental rate hike (above the normally allowed annual rent increase).

275Kingsway model Oct 2013

Model of proposed high density tower (275 Kingsway / Tireland site)

This meeting will be focused solely on the rezoning application at 275 Kingsway (333 East 11th) and we will provide further background information on this proposal and on the Public Hearing.

Speakers who wish to address City Council on February 17th can sign up to speak by sending an email to (please indicate the item 275 Kingsway). Alternately registration is possible by calling 604-829-4238. We also suggest that speakers also ask for their number in line. The Public Hearing will start at 6pm at 453 West 12th Avenue (entrance from 12th Avenue, in Council Chambers on the third floor).


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