Revised Rize 21-storeys. Review at City Hall on Monday, July 14th

Kingsway side Tower on East 10th
The massive Rize development proposed for Mount Pleasant will be reviewed at the Development Permit Board on Monday, July 14th. The Development Permit Board meetings are held in the main City Hall building at 453 West 12th Avenue on the 1st Floor in the “Town Hall” Meeting room. This room is located in the north side or “wing” of the main building.

Speakers are allowed up to 5 minutes each, in a process very similar to a Council meeting. Speakers must be signed up before the meeting begins. To register to speak, please send an email to or call 604-873-7469. Tip: Ask for your speaker number. This could be your last chance to speak at City Hall about the proposed development.

The City of Vancouver has posted a staff report on the Rize at the following link: 285 East 10th Avenue (The Rize) and the City has made a limited number of drawings available on this webpage: 285 East 10th Avenue – Revised Application – DE416894

The meeting will begin at 3pm with the review of 235 Kingsway. We don’t know how long that will take. The Rize review will probably get started around 5pm.

Don’t be fooled by the large signs by Rize Alliance Kingsway Properties around Broadway and Kingsway advertising “The Independent” tower. City Council has NOT yet even approved the development on this site. The rezoning has not been enacted. No development permit has been issued. We still have many concerns about the process and details of this development and its impacts on Mount Pleasant.

The Development Permit Board (DPB) has the power to approve or reject this proposed design, or to impose conditions.


There have been a number of proposed changes to the design since the Public Hearing that ended on April 17, 2012. The tower is now 21-storeys tall vs. 19-storeys (with a slight increase in overall height), 258 residential units are proposed (instead of 241) and there are a total of 399 underground parking spaces on 4 levels. The previous scheme had 3 levels of underground parking with 320 parking spaces.

During the course of the Public Hearing, many references to a ‘food co-op’ were made; the food co-op has been shelved. The design still proposes having large trucks use Watson street for deliveries. Many of the conditions set by City Council during the Public Hearing have not been addressed. The changes proposed by Rize diverge from the application that was reviewed by City Council at the Public Hearing. As such, this new proposal should really be reviewed at a new Public Hearing.

There is an alternate option for accommodating growth in Mount Pleasant, all within low and mid-rise forms that ensure livability and affordability.

The photos included here are of the applicant’s models of their latest proposal.

top_of_Rize_tower Watson side


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