Architectural Heritage and Human Scale Urbanism Walk, May 4, 2014 (Jane’s Walk)

Heritage and Urbanism Walk 2014
Join us for an Architectural Heritage and Human Scale Urbanism Walk in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver’s original suburb.

Time: Sunday, May 4, 1 pm – 3 pm
Place (start): 101 East 7th, in front of Quebec Manor

Find out about the urban design principles that shaped the evolution of this historic neighbourhood. In addition to visiting landmark buildings such as the 102 year-old Quebec Manor, the Lee Building and the Wenonah Apartments, other points of interest include apartment blocks on Quebec Street and rowhouses on 10th Avenue. This year we’ll concentrate on Heritage just West of Main. The tour will conclude at a local coffee shop – please feel free to join us after the walk!

Additional details for this walk are posted on the official Jane’s Walk website.

Walk leader: Urban Design Specialist Lewis N. Villegas is a resident of Mount Pleasant. He has studied the history and evolution of the neighbourhood over the years, and has explored how urban design principles apply to Mount Pleasant. Lewis Villegas is a guest speaker and lecturer appearing at a number of events such as the City Shaping Growth and Land Use Workshop in North Vancouver.

Start location Heritage Heart of Mt Pleasant
Route (Google Maps screenshot):

Route 2014 JanesWalk MTP

Route length 1.8km (1km from starting point to Ontario & 10th Ave, another 800m to Heritage Hall)


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