Skateboard facility in central Mt. Pleasant – Park Board holding an Open House April 3, 2014 for feedback. Online survey open until April 17th.

Existing Skateboard facility (China Creek South Park on East Broadway, near Clark)

Existing Skateboard facility (China Creek South Park on East Broadway, near Clark Drive)

The City of Vancouver Park Board is holding an Open House on April 3, 2014 for feedback on a plan to add a new skateboard facility to central Mount Pleasant. There’s an online survey open until April 17, 2014 for people who are not able to make the Open House.

The event will be held between 4 and 8pm at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre (1 Kingsway).

The Park Board has $225,000 allocated to spend on capital plan improvements in the neighbourhood. They’ve determined that central Mount Pleasant is deficient in skateboard facilities and they are studying adding a facility to either Robson Park (Kingsway & East Avenue) or Jonathan Rogers Park (East 8th and Manitoba Street).

From local residents, we have also heard the desire to add other facilities to local parks, including:

  • a fenced, off-leash dog area
  • an outdoor pool
  • an expansion in community garden space

Further details of the skateboard park initiative are available on the Park Board website. Mount Pleasant currently has two skateboard facilities: one in Mount Pleasant Park (Ontario & 16th Avenue) and at China Creek South Park (10th Avenue near VCC). The Park Board website summary states:

“The Vancouver Park Board has secured funding for a new mid-size skateboard park in one of two proposed Mount Pleasant neighbourhood park locations: Jonathan Rogers Park (Manitoba Street and West 7th Avenue) and Robson Park (Kingsway and St. George Street). Drop in to an open house to learn more.”

China Creek South Park
Mount Pleasant Skateboard Facility Open House Boards - page 2 (cropped, enhanced, combined)


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