Rumpus Room to close to make way for 4-storey mixed-use building. Petition and open letter

Rumpus Room

The Rumpus Room, a popular restaurant in Mount Pleasant, is set to close. The property located at Main Street and 11th Avenue will be redeveloped to make way for a 4-storey mixed-use building.

The folks at GenWhy media took the lead and sent an Open Letter to Vancouver City Council about Affordability, Culture and Community on March 13th, 2014. We’ve reproduced the introduction to the GenWhy media webpage about this letter and the petition that was signed by over 2,000 local residents in the course of 48 hours. We’ve also included the response by RAMP that is part of the post.

In the past 48 hours over 2,000 local residents have signed a “Stop The Demolition Of The Rumpus Room” online petition calling on Vancouver City Council to do more to protect art, culture, community and affordability in our city.

Word spread quickly that a unique, charming, creative, community-focused and beloved Mt. Pleasant eatery will soon be shut-down and demolished to make way for yet another unaffordable housing development.

Please see the list of some the comments here: GenWhy media

As members of RAMP (Residents Association Mount Pleasant) but even more so, as residents of Mt Pleasant, it is most definitely a concern to some of us when we see great small businesses like the Rumpus Room being forced to look for a new venue to operate out of and a difficult task seeing rental retail prices escalating to fairly unreasonable rates. This being said, it is of course the property owners right to develop or sell their property, and as the building itself in which the Rumpus Room operates out of is not a Heritage Building we have no leg to stand on from a legal perspective.The question is, and based on the comments on the petition there is pretty much a growing consensus on this, is that what the community and taxpayers of the area wish to see is a preservation of the quirky and interesting businesses that define Mt Pleasant. It is not an uprising against development but more of an intelligent approach to community and growth which makes for a more positive and prosperous future for the citizens and the City. “RAMP is committed to supporting the unique local culture that our diverse range of businesses bring to the community. We welcome new business where natural turnover leaves vacancies or other opportunities, and we abhor evictions of successful and valued members of our community. We have the door open for property owners to work with the community in developing and designing future building and businesses and hope that they will acknowledge the passion and respect that this community has for the Mt Pleasant area. For these reasons, we stand in solidarity with the thousands of supporters of the Rumpus Room.”

rumpus room


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