275 Kingsway tower at Open House February 20th

275Kingsway model Oct 2013

The City of Vancouver will show the updated rezoning application for a tower at Kingsway and 11th on the Tireland site at an upcoming Open House.

Date: Thursday, February 20, 2014 between 5-8pm
Place: 285 East 5th Avenue (Native Education College, one block east of Main Street)

We encourage residents to attend and comment on the proposed development. The tower is being developed by Acton Ostry Architects, the same firm that designed the Rize. The City of Vancouver website has further details on the proposal; we’ve summarized a number of the key points below.

The current tower design has 202 market rental units, 106 parking spaces and a height of 152′ (46.45m) to the top. It has 14-storeys and a roof deck; the massive building proposal has a zero lot line to the north.

The latest iteration of tower has an incredibly high density value, with a Floor Space Ratio (FSR) of 8.63. By comparison, the buildings in the vicinity (the Uno, Uptown, Stella & District) all have Floor Space Ratios of 3.0 (the maximum allowed under current zoning). The existing Central Broadway corridor zoning (C-3A) allows an outright density of 1.0 FSR, and a maximum density of 3.0 FSR. The requested density is 287% of the maximum value or 863% of the outright value. The outright height is 30 feet (9.2m), while the maximum height allowed under the zoning guidelines is 70 feet (21.6 metres).

The Mount Pleasant Community Plan states that 3 sites in the area would have consideration for greater height and density; this site is not one of them. In 2012, City Councillors made assurances that there are only the ’3 sites’ that will be considered for greater height and/or density. Is the Planning Department not respecting the Community Plan and Council by moving the proposal forward?

Allowing this extraordinary additional density not called for under the Mount Pleasant Community Plan will have a significant positive and speculative impact on land values all around this site and perhaps throughout Mount Pleasant, dramatically increasing tax assessments and pricing the neighbourhood well beyond the reach of current residents.

The project has been put forth under the ‘Rental 100’ program. There is an ongoing BC Supreme Court challenge against the legality of both the Rental 100 program and STIR. Information on the petition against the City of Vancouver is on the webpage of West End Neighbours (WEN). Both Rental 100 and STIR may violate the Vancouver Charter.

Please check back for updates on this rezoning application.

City webpage: Rezoning and Development Permit Application – 333 East 11th Avenue (275 Kingsway) (DE416870)
West End Neighbours (court challenge): City gives developers and staff the power to determine what constitutes “affordable rental housing”
RAMP post on previous iteration of design: 275 Kingsway Open House June 25th, 2013

Photos of the model presented at the Urban Design Panel meeting in October 10, 2013 by Acton Ostry Architects, on behalf of Edgar Development Corporation:

275 Kingsway model Oct 2013



Elevations of 275 Kingsway tower proposal (contrast added to image for clarity). 14 levels, and a roof detail are pictured below:


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